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What are the typical applications of a peristaltic pump?


The Peristaltic Pump is typically used to pump clean / sterile or corrosive fluids without contamination of these fluids to be exposed. Some common applications include pumping IV fluids, corrosive chemicals, high solid slurrys, and other materials by infusion devices, wherein the isolation of the product and the environment is essential. It also used to circulate blood during the surgery, because the pump does not cause obvious hemolysis.

The Peristaltic pump is also used in a variety of industrial applications. Its unique design makes it particularly suitable for pumping abrasive and viscous fluids.
Here are some typical applications:


Dialysis Machine
Heart direct viewpack machine
Medical infusion pump

Test and research

Automatic analyzer
Analytical chemistry experiment
Carbon monoxide monitor
Medium dispenser


'Sapsucker' pump extraction maple juice

Food manufacturing and sales

Liquid food fountain (such as cheese sauce for cornflakes)
Catering service washing machine fluid pump

Chemical treatment

Print, paint and pigment
Medical production
Metering system for dishwasher and laundry chemicals

Engineering and manufacturing

Concrete pump
Pulp and paper mill
Trace lubrication

Water and waste

Water supply plant chemical treatment
Sewage sludge
Aquarium, especially calcium reactor

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