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How to choose a peristaltic pump for you


The choice of Peristaltic Pump is mainly affected by four aspects:
1.Hose inner diameter
When the speed is the same, the pump flow of the hose having a large inner diameter is greater than the pump flow of a hose having a small inner diameter.

2. Flow range
Traffic is an important pump parameter, determined by many factors, for example:
Hose inner diameter -------- The larger the inner diameter, the greater the flow rate
Pump head speed -------- The larger the speed, the greater the flow rate
Pulsation size -------- The larger the pulsation, the greater the traffic

3. Pulse
Pulsation is an important selection parameter of a Peristaltic pump, which is determined by many factors:
Traffic range ------- The larger the flow, the greater the pulsation
Pump cavity ------- The larger the pump chamber, the greater the pulsation
Rotor speed ------- The faster the speed is pulling, the greater
Flow density ------- The higher the density, the greater the pulsation
(Note: Value above the parameters. In the reasonable range of normal operation)

4. Treatment of liquid
When selecting a peristaltic pump, the nature of the application environment and liquid is also a very important reference factor.
The best peristaltic pump and hose can be selected depending on the viscosity, sensitivity, corrosiveness, and hygienic requirements.
The peristaltic pump system is suitable for laboratory, industrial and field applications. For chemical industries; mining and metallurgical industries; paper industry; paint coating industry; food industry; ceramic industry; petroleum industry; water treatment industry and other agriculture: feed additive quantitative feed, pesticide spray: biotechnology: Slide, Circulating cell suspension during the fermentation, agar injection into the petri dish; chemical industry: corrosive cleaning agent, elution, flow injection analysis, sewage, sludge analysis, wastewater sample, rainwater soda analyzer; pharmaceutical industry: cosmetics preparation, Decompose experimental equipment, fermentation control, cell culture medium collection, culture bacteria supply, printing industry: lithographic ink quantitative feeding, wastewater treatment: lime quantitative feeding, polymer quantitative feed: water treatment: chlorine analyzer, sewage pH control, silicone water Clean.

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